We have a few good ideas

for investing in GTA residential real estate.

Pre-Construction Condos

  • Would you like to have access to premium condo projects before the general public does? 
  • Enjoy special VIP purchase incentives?
  • Attend special events not open to the general public?
  • Have best choice of suites and floor range?
  • Get early access to floor plans and price lists?
  • Buy early and save $$$

What is a VIP Event?

Have you ever stood in line to attend a condo launch on opening day only to discover that 60, 70 or even 80% of the units were already sold? Developers (and their representatives) work with brokerages/agents like myself to presell units during a specific day or time period. You may have heard terms like President's Club, Platinum VIP Agent, VIP Event, Insiders Club, etc. While there are some differences, the common thread here is access to pre-construction suites early. The earlier, the better. Historically prices rise as units sell. 

  • 1st tier access is for the friends and family of the developer and their representatives
  • 2nd tier access is for select Platinum brokerages/agents with a proven track record and established relationship
  • 3rd tier access is for select VIP brokerages/agents invited by the developer's representatives
  • 4th tier access is to all brokerages/agents 
  • 5th tier access to open to the general puplic

Why does it work like this?

As you can see there is a whole lot of buying going on before the project even opens it's doors to the public. Developers need to sell 75-80% of a project before financing is given. Developers co-operate with organized real estate to get projects sold quickly. Without the relationships with brokerages/agents and their investor clients, many of these condo developments would never get built.

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